M&G’s latest erasable gel pen, the i-erase II, arrives on Monday in blister pack form.  We now have this product in 3 colours, both packs of 12 and blister packs with single pens.  Styled here in the UK for the UK market, this pen is the first true collaboration between M&G in Shanghai and M&G (UK).  Later this year we will add Green, Purple and Pink to the range.


The M&G range includes a number of erasable products: ball pens, highlighters and of course traditional pencils!  What makes i-erase different is that while other erasable products remove the ink from the page, the ink in i-erase is heat sensitive: friction from rubbing vigorously with the built in eraser in the cap generates heat which changes the chemistry of the ink and hey presto, it disappears!  Incidentally, run a piece of paper with i-erase writing on it through a laser printer and the ink also disappears!

The Quality Control for this product is quite astonishing.  In the Autumn last year M&G expressed concerns about the stability of the ink during its passage through different temperature zones when in transit by sea from China to Europe.  To confirm the products performance, they sent samples to us here by sea with a temperature monitor in the carton.  We then riErase ii 6 colorseturned the product and thermometer to M&G by air.  The chemists there did the rest, checking temperature changes en-route and ensuring that the products continued to perform correctly.

People are often wary of Chinese product quality but no one need fear the quality of M&G products as shown with this example.  This is why M&G are a Chinese ‘Super brand’, why they are growing so fast and why many of their products are bought by other top high street brands which are on sale here in the UK under other well known quality names including some of the current market leaders.

Coming soon is the i-erase III, the retractable version.

For further details and how to buy, drop an email to sales@pccofficesupplies.com