Monthly Archives: August 2015

An aspect of the Stationery industry – A Student’s view

Late in 2014 it was apparent that with the rate of growth we were experiencing that we would run out of linear space in our warehouse.  We moved in to this unit at the Westbridge Industrial Estate late in 2013 and used only half the space.  It was a bit on the damp side but […]

Back to School with M&G

The next 3 weeks will see parents frantically searching for all those bits and pieces needed for the new school term.  These days it seems as if each school has its own list of ‘things to get’ but there are some products which are rock solid, ‘everyone needs them’ type products.  All school children need […]

How do we choose a Pen?

Here is a question that has absorbed many hours of my time since I started the quest of establishing M&G stationery here in the UK, How do folk choose a pen or pencil from the plethora of brands and types available? Our journey with M&G Stationery started by selling pens.  Anyone who has sold pens […]