Erasable writing instruments

Who needs erasable ink?  Well magicians for one!  But seriously, writing that can be erased has been around for decades with the standard HB pencil and rubber type eraser.  Dependable certainly but not the same as ink.  Erasable ink pens have been around for a few years now but they do have a rather more checkered history.  The performance of some older types is certainly questionable.

M&G have been developing erasable pens and highlighters for the last 20 years.  Products include the erasable ball pen, called simply ‘Erasable Ball’ code AEP13571, the later ‘P-erase’ code AEP89476 and the amazing erasable highlighter ‘Remover’ code AHM21978.  Now we have the latest in the line, the ‘M&G i-erase II’ stick style erasable gel pen.

What are the differences?  Obviously the ‘Remover’ highlighter is used for that purpose.  It has a surprisingly ‘complete’ removal of the highlighter ink with no degradation of the printed text that was highlighted.  The ball pens offer very fast drying time, making them non-smudge but because of the pressure used when writing with ball pens, there can be indentations left on the paper.  The M&G i-erase II, being gel ink, has a slightly longer drying time but offers a very smooth writing experience and less paper impression.  The ink is temperature sensitive, using heat from friction when the ink is rubbed vigorously with the eraser on the cap.  The results are impressive with close to 100% removal of all traces of the writing.  The eraser is also sufficiently precise to permit action against just part of a word!


The i-erase II is special for another reason: it is the first M&G product that we have had the privilege to help develop.  First stage was completing the quality control checks to ensure that the temperature sensitive ink was stable during it’s voyage from Shanghai to Europe.  Then the product styling and packaging design for the blister packs was completed here in the UK by the M&G (UK) team.  Mark Lawson of Mark Lawson designs is a designer with top, well known, international clients in his portfolio.  Mark has done all PCC marketing design for the M&G range since 2011 so we were delighted when M&G asked him to do this work on i-erase II.


M&G iErase iii New logo



The latest commission is for the M&G i-erase III – the retractable version.  Yes, 6 colours!  We are progressing with the development of this addition to the range which we hope to have available for sale early 2016 .

Of course, there are several brands offering similar products so why choose M&G.  OK, confidence builder: M&G use ink from premium global suppliers such as Dokumental and other pen components come from top manufacturers including Mikuni and Premec.  Performance,I would argue that there is little difference compared to its competitors but M&G i-erase II are excellent value.  If you are in the trade then you will also find the margins rather agreeable so why not give them a try?  We would love to hear from you.