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Staplers have been around since 1877 when American, Henry R. Heyl filed his patent number 195,603.  This was for the first machines to both insert and clinch a staple in one step.  However, it was not until a design came along that was available commercially that the stapler really began to rise up the ranks of popular office items.  It was George McGill in 1879 to whom we  look for this first commercial device.

Modern staplers offer a variety of ways to staple different materials together.  The predominant use is to fix paper together by using the standard ‘reflex’ setting in which the legs of the staples are folded inwards.  The alternative method, known as, ‘sheer’ setting provides a less strong grip and is much less commonly used.  Despite this, many modern staplers offer both settings.

Staplers also come in either full or half strip and short or long reach.  M&G have a novel approach to the long reach requirement: their swivel stapler which is available from our online store.  This variation has a top mechanism which swivels through 180 degrees.  This allows the stapler to be inserted along the centre fold of larger sheets of paper like A3 for example.  Where a traditional long reach stapler is rather expensive, M&G’s novel swivel stapler costs little more than a traditional half strip short reach office stapler.

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