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M&G Fountain Pens

Modern fountain pens are a development of the older quill type ink pen.  Until the invention of the ballpoint pen, an ink pen along with a graphite pencil were the main writing instruments used.  A modern ball or gel ink pen gives utility but the fountain pen offers you as the writer a more classical approach to handwriting.

The M&G fountain pen range offers 3 styles to suit a variety of tastes. All are stylish writing instruments.  Based on a plunger type refill mechanism, the pens will also take standard mini cartridges but they perform best with bottled ink.  This is our recommendation – to use bottled ink but keep some blotting paper handy to soak up any excess!.  These pens offer a variety of grips to provide a firm hold.  All have fine nibs which are great for freehand writing but also suitable for legal documents and completing information boxes on forms.

M&G Fountain pens have a very tight fitting push on, pull off, cap which prevents drying out.

Fountain pens can make great gifts so we offer this product either with or without the M&G Premium gift presentation box

Key features of the M&G Fountain Pen range

  • Fine nib.
  • Plunger style ink fill mechanism.
  • Tight fitting cap.

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Education - Fountain Pens

Classic Fountain Pen from M&G

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Education - Fountain Pens

Estate Fountain Pen

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Education - Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Contoured Grip

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