PCC Office Supplies Ltd


PCC started life in a bedroom in King’s Lynn in 2003.  At the time, the present Managing Director was a business consultant who helped with early marketing plans.  These were successful to the extent that the business grew and by 2006, the owner wanted a life back so decided to sell.  PCC was incorporated that year and bought by the present managing Director on 2007 when it transferred to the West Country.

In the early days the focus was on EOS (electronic Office Supplies), namely inks, toners and media.  As time passed, margins here became tighter so the offer was broadened to include general office supplies.  We came to the attention of M&G Stationery in 2010.  M&G were looking for a UK based sole import agent for their expanding product range.  After visiting their HQ in Shanghai in Sep 2011, a deal was agreed and PCC became the sole agent for M&G.  M&G are now the world’s largest stationery brand/manufacturer but what makes them different is the range of key high street stationery brands for whom they manufacture product.  So often it is assumed that Chinese products are copies.  In this case, it is many high street brand products that are copies of M&G originals!  Some of M&G’s major band customers over the years also includes big names like Disney, Snoopy and Miffy.   Read more on the M&G page here.

The opportunity arose in 2016 to become the sole UK agent for CentropenLike M&G, Centropen have many high street stationery brand customers so again, PCC has access through Centropen to the original product not the brand copies.

Through these representations of key product manufacturers, PCC has won UK wholesale distributor customers that now see product reaching into main stream retail outlets like Co-Op and to schools through Education Wholesalers including Kent County Supplies, now a major UK force.


PCC’s product range includes not only those of M&G and Centropen but all mainstream stationery items.  Many are not presently listed here so, if you cannot find what you are looking for, just call us and we can quote.  We will be adding product to new categories on a continuous rolling basis, focussing on the popular essentials