A-Z Of M&G Stationery: M – Marker Pens

MG-2130 permanent double marker-fan


The history of permanent markers goes right back to the early 1900s. The first patent was by Lee W. Newman. However you have to go forward to the mid 1950s for anything relating to a modern version. It was Sidney Rosenthal who put a felt tip on the end of a small bottle of permanent ink. This was known as the “Magic Marker” and it became popular.

A permanent marker is made by using a container, usually plastic, and a core of an absorbent material. The material soaks up the ink, and is in effect, the reservoir for the ink. The nib was originally a hard felt material, but now more likely to be made from highly compressed synthetic fibres or porous ceramics. The cap is essential on marker pens, as it prevents the ink from drying out.

Until the early 1990s the most common solvents used for the ink were toluene and xylene. However both are harmful and had a very strong smell. Today, the ink is usually made by using alcohols such as propanol and butanol. Marker pens are available in a variety of inks. They could be waterproof (for outside use), dry-erase (for white boards), or permanent.

M&G Range

We offer a variety of products. Follow the link to see them. I thought I would headline 3 types.

Permanent Double Ended Markers – Fine and medium

MG-2130 permanent double marker-fan
MG-2130 permanent double marker

M&G permanent double ended markers with 2.8mm and 0.5mm tips. Black, blue, red and green markers available.

M&G Offer a wide range of markers and this, their permanent double ended marker, comes in two versions, the fine/medium and medium/large.  This fine/medium offers a 0.5mm fineliner and a 2.8mm bullet marker as shown in the image gallery.  This makes them ideal for a range of jobs around the home and office: pot marking, parcel addressing, stenciling, general labeling and a host of other applications.

The double marker is yet another M&G innovation.  Being available in 4 colours and with the two nib sizs to chose from, there is a solution for all those smaller marking jobs.

Permanent Double Ended Markers – medium bullet and large chisel MG-2110

Double marker large MG-2110 set
Double marker large MG-2110 set

M&G permanent double ended markers with 2.8mm and 0.5mm tips. Black, blue, red and green markers available.

This large permanent double ended marker offers a 2.8mm bullet and a 5mm chisel tip marker. They can be used for the same jobs as listed for the fineliner, but across two pens you now have 4 nib options.

White Board Marker

Our Dry wipe white board marker is quick drying, leaves no residue and is made with a 3mm tip. They are available in black, blue and red.

MG-2160 Dry Wipe Marker available in black, blue and Red
White board Marker

As I mentioned above, we also supply other products – so why not contact us and we’ll see if we can help you.