A-Z Of M&G Stationery: L – Line Widths!

Calligraphy Marker Set

Ball Pens

The size of a line by a ballpoint pen, is factored by the size of the ballpoint. Essentially there two common sizes. These are the 0.7 mm and the 1 mm. There are fine versions too a 0.5 mm and even a 0.1 mm. However easily the most common are the 0.7 mm and 1 mm.

The majority of our pens are 0.7 mm. This is because the ink flows much better with this size, giving a more consistent result on the paper. Our range can be found here.

Gel Pens

M&G offer you a wide range of gel ink pens.  You will find a variety of styles for both capped and retractable gel ink pens.  There are solid, ribbed grip and soft grip.  Point sizes include 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

Gel Ink is characterised by being smooth flowing but this does tend to have slightly longer drying times than ball pen ink.  Beware of a tendency to smudge when the writing is new!  This affects all types of gel ink pens. You can find our range here.

Of course ball pens and gel pens aren’t the only type of pen and different types have different point sizes, as it depends on usage. Let’s look at a special type.

Centropen Calligraphy Marker Set

As well as M&G, we also have an exclusive deal with Centropen. Centropen have majored on handwriting for decades and this Calligraphy Marker Set is a top seller.  It is perfect for anyone who is either practicing Calligraphy or is using Calligraphy professionally.

Calligraphy is of course an ancient form of writing and art.  Many religious documents through the ages have been either written using calligraphic hand writing or embellished with this writing form.  Of course, calligraphy is a major art in China where it has been dominant for centuries.

The Centropen Calligraphy set comes in four tip sizes: 1.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.6mm, 4.8mm. As you can see, much thicker than ball and gel pens. However this is to be expected, as calligraphy pens by design, allow the user to create a thin and thick line as the write and change the angle of the pen


To finish, there are other types of writers that have different point types such as markers and pencils – but that is further along the alphabet – so we will cover those later.

Our pens are all high quality at an affordable price, so please get in touch if you have further questions.