A-Z Of M&G Stationery: H – Highlighters

AHM23972 M Lighter highlighter.

Everyone loves a highlighter right? Well may be so now, but it wasn’t the case in the beginning.


A type of highlighter first appeared in the middle of the 1950s, but it wasn’t until early 1960s that manufacturing started. The early pens were a water based ink in a pen with a felt nib.

In late 1970s, highlighters with fluorescent colours began to be made. In the 1980s, the nib was replaced with polyethylene beads shaped into porous heads. There were a couple of advantages, they were less noisy than their felt counterparts and also the ink flowed better.

Highlighters weren’t taken up by people initially, because they preferred to use the pens they had always used. As a result, manufacturers started selling dual highlighter/pens and this had the desired affect and sales increased.

Different applications for highlighters, began to make them popular. The vivid colours enabled students, office staff and workers of all sorts, to mark text clearly.

It appears that 85% of all purchased highlighters are yellow and pink ink colour. However they are also available in other colours too. Yellow is by far the most popular. This is because it is the lightest colour and when text highlighted in yellow is photocopied, it is not seen on a copy.

M&G Highlighters

AHM23972 M Lighter Highlighter 5 colours
AHM23972 M Lighter Highlighter 5 colours

We have three main products in stock at the moment. Firstly the M Lighter Highlighter. (AHM23972). You can find them here. They have bright fluorescent ink. Body shape a unique ‘rhomboid’ profile. Available in colours: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow.

Fluorescent 880 highlighter AHM24971 Retail display box
Fluorescent 880 highlighter AHM24971 Retail display box

Our second product is Highlighter – Fluorescent 880. (AHM24971). You can find it here. It is available in boxes of 12 of one colour or a retail box.

Our final product is an erasable highlighter, which we think you’ll love. It is unique in it’s method of erasing. Most existing products use friction, this uses a chemical to remove the ink. See the video.

M&G have developed a number of products over the years, and we have some new ones coming soon. We will do a post for you on them when they are available.