A-Z Of M&G Stationery: E/G – Erasable Gel Pens

Capped Gel Pens AGP13271

The History of Gel Pens

A gel pen uses ink where pigment is suspended in a water-based gel. It shows up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces than the typical inks used in ballpoint pens. Gel pens can be used for many types of writing and illustration. The ink is thicker in a gel pen, this means that the colours tend to be brighter, they also have a smooth writing action because of the flow.

The general design of a gel pen is not that different to other pens. It has a barrel with a reservoir filled with the ink. The barrels can be created in many different sizes and designs and grips. Nib sizes range from a fine to a thick nib with different sizes.

Gel pens were first sold in the mid 1980’s in Japan. They hit the world market later that decade. Because of the way the gel ink is manufactured, gel pens offer a far wider range of colours and styles. For instance sparkle and metallic gels are very popular with young people and within the craft sector.

M&G Gel Pen Range

Capped Gel Pens AGP13271
Capped Gel Pens AGP13271

M&G have a good range of gel pens, so I will explain a few here. Firstly there are the “Office Series” Capped Gel Pens AGP13271. These come in 7 different colours and are stick gel pens which are available in boxes of 50. They are very popular in schools.

Expert Gel AGP13671
Expert Gel AGP13671

Secondly we have another “Office Series,” our Expert Gel AGP13671. These are extremely popular within the office environment. However the one I wanted to focus on, is our erasable gel pens.

i Erase II

Erasable Gel Pens

We have two versions. Firstly the i Erase II. This is a gel pen with a pop on lid. This is available in black, blue and red.

i Erase V

The second type is the new i Erase V. This is brand new. This model is available in black and blue.

Our erasable gel pens are very popular and they work very well. The only caution is that the ink does need to be dry to achieve the full erasing. M&G erasable ink pens are designed with utility in mind. The heat sensitive ink will disappear as a result of the friction from rubbing hard with the eraser on the cap. These pens are ideal for any job where the ability to erase is vital because they make erasing so easy!

We have a variety of craft gel pens too, please look at our range here