A-Z Of M&G Stationery: B – Ball Pens 4 Colour Ball Pen

M&G Basics capped ball pen – ABP64772 Colour fan
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Ball Pen Overview

This is a second post in the alphabet of M&G stationery. Today’s letter is B and the topic is Ball pens.

Now this is a huge area for us as we have so many different types so this post will give you a general overview of the product we offer but focus on one specific product, namely our incredibly popular 4 colour ball point pen.

The Workings

So how does a ball point pen work I hear you cry, even if you don’t – I’m going to tell you! The ink is contained in a narrow plastic chamber and to aid a smooth consistent flow, a tungsten ball is housed at the end of the container. Tungsten replaced the original steel as it doesn’t misshape. As you run the tip, (ball), across the paper – it’s movement draws ink from the container and the pressure forces it to be placed on the paper.

M&G, who manufacture a wide variety of product, pride themselves in producing high quality instruments at a competitive price. This applies whether the item is designed for a budget range or for a prestige range. Manufacturers who produce cheap pens, do so by not being so diligent about the quality of the parts. However, this is not the case for M&G who take quality as being a key issue.


As mentioned, there is a wide range of ball pens available and you can see them and purchase them here. We thought you’d be interested in some details related to the 4 colour ball pen though.

Four Colour Retractable Ball Pen Soft Grip

4 colour ball colours ABP80371
M&G 4 Colour Ball Pen

4 Colour Ball Pen Overview

This is the M&G “classic” pen. You will find it a convenient retractable 4-in-1 colour pen with a transparent barrel, a soft grip and a 0.7mm nib. The M&G four colour retractable ball pen is the top selling UK product, being a favourite in schools and businesses around the country.  We recently discovered that our wholesale re-sellers use this pen in their offices, preferring it to the many alternatives available.

This pen is an iconic M&G product which has been bought by many other brands, to be sold as their own product.  One particularly pleasing endorsement is the simple fact that a well known UK high street brand has had this pen re-branded for their own use.   Some people criticise Chinese companies for copying western products but this is one product that breaks this mold because the M&G four colour ball pen is an original!  A true market leader in many countries.

The pen uses Dokumental® ink – the world’s largest independent ink manufacturer. They have over 60 years of experience in the development and production of inks, used for writing, marking, colouring, and highlighting. Their headquarters and production facilities are in Germany, from where they export worldwide, however they also have a base in Shanghai where they develop inks especially for the Chinese market.

Other component parts are made by Mikuni and Premec, both leaders in their field.

We have spent time asking our customers why they like this product and it turned out that their reasons are extensive, including that it is comfortable, convenient, highly reliable.  Our customers tell us that with it’s four key colours which are the main colours they use, they say that it represents great value for money for this type of pen in the UK market.  We are grateful for and welcome these compliments!  The packaging options also are available in a UK retail blister pack.

4 Colour Ball Pen Uses

Use wherever you need a variety of colours:

  • For the office
  • In the home
  • Within education such as school, college, or university. One of our members of staff has a daughter at university and she loves this pen for note taking.

Features Briefly:

  • 4 ink colours: Black, blue, red and green
  • Soft grip
  • 0.7mm tip
  • Pocket clip
  • Available in packs of 12 pack for the office and Retail packs of 36 for shop resellers.

Buying options

  • Single pens
  • Pack of 12 for the office

Trade buyers: The four colour retractable ball pen product is available in packs of 12, outers of 144 and cartons of 1728.  We are introducing a pack of 12 blister card product in October 2017.

If you are trade, inquire for prices here.