A-Z Of M&G Stationery: A – Adhesives – The USTiC Glue Sticks

Glue stick 21g Retail Pack ASG97125

This is the first post in a new series we are doing, to show the range of product available. The series is called the A-Z of M&G Stationery! We have multiple products for some letters, but we will focus on one each time allowing us to rotate the alphabet with different posts each time.

As a result, we hope that you find them interesting and informative and that they whet your appetite to discover our range. So let’s start in A, well it is traditional, and with adhesives and our extremely popular glue sticks.

Strong Glue Stick
M&G Glue Stick

A Short History of the Glue Stick

Glue sticks were an innovation which drew its inspiration from Lipstick!  This unlikely association is based on the twist-up mechanism used by some types of lipstick and the idea was used by the German company Henkel who in 1969 produced the first twist-up glue stick and marketed it under the brand name, ‘Pritt Stick’.  It was such a good idea that within just 2 years the Pritt Stick was being sold in 38 countries around the world.  Since then there have been many alternative products produced by innumerable manufacturers because the idea is basically very simple!

We believe that the M&G version is superior not just in the quality of the stickiness, but also because we can offer very competitive prices.

There are two type of glue used in glue stick products.  One is PVA, the other is PVP.  Although both have their merits but in general, the PVP type tends to be more expensive than the PVA.

Contact us for more details, to check they will do what you need.

M&G Glue sticks

M&G glues make both PVA and PVP glue sticks.  The products can be found here.

There are three sizes available: 9g, 21g and 36g.  .

A favourite demonstration that I perform at exhibitions, shows how well the glue sticks paper.  While talking to visitors I stick two pieces of paper together and then 10 minutes later invite them to pull them apart.  The paper either tears or de-laminates: the glue is very strong! Watch the following video to see for yourself!


Different Uses

You can use both glue types for gluing photos, card, fabric and paper, and they can be used for craft in the classroom or for those who do craft as a business or a hobby. The glue is non-toxic so it is safe for children to use under adult supervision. We have schools who are regular customers and they love this product. So if you are a school, give us a shout as we’d love to help you.

The sticks come in three sizes: small 9g, medium 21g and large 36g. We sell them as individual items via our website, or if you would like to order multiple amounts, you can contact us here for prices.