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“Too much tea, Sir” – The conclusion

So there I was, the self made King of Tea in the Falkland Islands!  I slunk off to my bunk at the Officers’ Mess and stopped by the pigeon holes to check mail.  A single white envelope addressed to me, no stamp.  In it was a single tea bag – news traveled fast and I […]

Too much Tea, Sir! A story about provisioning

There is a story to tell here: it is about provisioning. It is also about so called, ‘Just in Time’ logistics. What inspires this post is a recent challenge which has led me to review all I know and have experienced about provisioning. You see I have a rather interesting, brain aching challenge. It started […]

An aspect of the Stationery industry – A Student’s view

Late in 2014 it was apparent that with the rate of growth we were experiencing that we would run out of linear space in our warehouse.  We moved in to this unit at the Westbridge Industrial Estate late in 2013 and used only half the space.  It was a bit on the damp side but […]