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We have reduced the price of our notebooks for 1 week to highlight the fact we have updated them on our site.

Modern notebooks have their roots a long way back with the use of notebooks go back to the 16 & 1700’s. Early examples were made by people folding paper into sections. They then used binding to put the pages together. Examples of produced notebooks were created in the USA and Australia. Gluing and stitching was used for these notebooks.


A5 50 Page Notebook

Today gluing has broadly replaced stitching for binding books. Sometimes there is a reinforcement by adding a binding over the spine, resulting in additional strength to the binding. The modern version of stitching is the spiral binding. Spiral binding can be seen on reporter notebooks for example.

Our notebooks are ideal for your use within education, business or even for personal use.

Spiral Notebook A5

Why Buy From Us?

We provide a range of notebooks. Sized between B5-A4 and  page quantities of between 50-100 are available. This will give you plenty of choice. The pages of our notebooks are securely glued and bound with tape, resulting in you opening each page fully. There is no “dead” space next to the binding because the pages open fully. This enables you to maximise the use of each page, resulting in no wasted space. Other features include:

  • Each page has feint ruled pages at 8mm intervals.
  • There a pre-printed section on each page allowing it to be either dated or numbered.
  • Although there is no pre-printed margin, there are helpful dots top and bottom giving you the facility to draw vertical lines. These lines can be added by you, across the full width of the page. This means that either a margin or any vertical line can be added neatly by yourself. As a result, they can be drawn in line with the vertical edge.

We have reduced the price of the  whole range by 1/3 for just a week, so make the most of the reduction while you can!