Continued Growth for M&G!

Some interesting statistics just received from Head Office relating to the continued successful growth of the M&G Brand.

The business continues to grow and M&G is now represented in 90 countries Worldwide and is the 3rd largest stationery and writing implements manufacturer globally.

More than a thousand new products were launched in the first half of the year and the company is committed to continue to implement product development programmes.


In China – naturally a really important market – there are now almost 77,000 outlets for M&G products and business to business sales are booming, up 177% on 2015.

Total global sales are currently in excess of us$800M with those sales being largely split between writing implements (39%), office products (29.6%) and education (29.9%).  Interestingly, most schools in China have an M&G shop either next door or nearby.

Here in the UK we are seeing terrific growth in the education market as more schools become aware of the extensive range of M&G products, competitive pricing and our flexible approach.  Find out more about our education products and offers here.