A-Z Of M&G Stationery: J – Jotter Books

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A4 80 Page Notebook

The modern A4 80 page notebook, has it’s roots a long way back with the use of notebooks go back to the 16 & 1700’s. Early examples were made by people folding paper into sections and then binding them together. Examples of produced notebooks were created in the USA and Australia which were bound either by stitching or by gluing.

The pages of the A4 80 Page Notebook are securely glued and bound with tape resulting in the pages being fully opened therefore eliminating any “dead” space next to the binding. This enables you to use each page fully. There are other features too, see below. Spiral binding can also be used and we have some options of those too for you to make a choice. You will find them here and here.

A5 100 Page Notebook


You can use the notebook for a variety of uses in a variety of settings. For example, you can use them for taking notes in class, at the office or in meetings. If you want to record information about an experience or a situation, use them for a journal.


As already described, The pages of the A4 80 Page Notebook are securely glued and bound with tape, providing you with a strong solution. The M&G soft back A4 80 Page Notebook has feint ruled pages.

Each page has the facility to be individually indexed or dated, with a pre-printed section on each page.  There are feint horizontal ruled lines therefore they aid you to produce well presented writings. Although there is no pre-printed margin, there are helpful dots top and bottom giving you the facility to draw vertical lines. These lines can be added by you, across the full width of the page. This means that either a margin or any vertical line, can be added neatly by yourself and they can be drawn in line with the vertical edge.

Workstyle Pad Range


We have a variety of notebooks available. You can find them here.