Who are M&G?

M&G Stationery are China’s premier stationery supplier who manufacture for top known brands in addition to their own ‘M&G’ branded range.  The company has secured more than 48% of the market in China with direct sales to business and through its chain of retail outlets which covers all of China.

They were established in 1996, the company now occupies the 150,000 sq m ‘M&G Industrial Park’ in Shanghai.

With impressive double-digit growth each year for 9 years and a turnover exceeding $655m in 2012 based on production figures of more than 3bn pens, pencils and associated items, M&G Stationery have risen to a level of market prominence in Asia and now seek to become established in the UK.

Quality Production – Quality Performance

Components are sourced from premium suppliers including Micuni, Premec and Dokumental.  Recognised quality assurance accreditation, a commitment to ongoing R&D and their own detailed QA process ensures that M&G products are top quality.

They also have impressive levels of market penetration in 60 countries in the Americas, Middle East, mainland Europe and of course the rest of Asia.

Our Role

We are the sole UK representatives for M&G. We are establishing supply chains to end users through national wholesalers and retailers and also supply direct to regional/local cash-and-carry and small retailers.  If you would like to be part of this project, or would like further details about M&G products and pricing, drop us a note via the contact us page and we will be in touch.

Why M&G?

Quite simply:

  • Top quality products
  • High Dealer and Retailer margins
  • Great value, reliable products for the end user.