White Ink Permanent Markers

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White Ink Permanent Markers

Centropen’s White Ink Permanent Markers are sold in a blister pack.  They are permanent if you apply them to porous surfaces such as black chalk boards.  The ink will resist water, abrasion and weathering.  These markers are often used on out door signs where they give a bold, eye catching finish to images, doodles and text.  Of course, at the time of any religious festival that requires that brightness of even perhaps the odd snowflake, they can be used to add that finishing touch.

Key Features:

  • Blister packed single markers
  • Chunky body
  • Permanent Paint like ink
  • Round 2.5mm nib
  • Light-fast

Buying Options:

Buy single blister packs of one pen

Safety and Hygiene

These markers are not suitable for use by children.  Should a responsible adult decide to permit a child to use the marker, they should supervise closely at all times that the pen is in the possession of the child.  The pen, its parts or ink should never be put in the mouth and the ink should not be put onto human skin.

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