Classic Mechanical Pencil With Soft Grip And Eraser

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Classic mechanical pencil with soft grip and eraser AMP34901

M&G have brought together the best of all designs in this Classic mechanical pencil.  The standard HB round lead is contained in an inner chamber beneath the enclosed eraser.  The eraser is under the silver end cap and this mechanism works to propel the lead when you want to extend more.  A single push will expel sufficient extra lead to keep writing


Use wherever you need a 0.5mm HB lead pencil without the need to sharpen!:

  • Office
  • Home
  • School, college, university.


  • Soft grip
  • 0.5mm lead
  • Pocket Clip
  • HB Standard lead.

Buying options

  • Single pencils
  • Retail pack of 50 for the shop or office