Centropen’s Traditions and Visions

Our long-term tradition is the very foundation on which we have become a leading company of global importance in the development, production and sales of school and office utensils and similar tools for industrial use.

For our customers, writing, drawing, painting, marking and highlighting using our products amount to an efficient and high-quality method of getting their meaning across, helping them to capture the present moment for future generations.

For our business partners, we are a guarantor of product quality, flexible servicing, attractive modern design, health safety and high engineering and technological standards.


The beginnings of the production of writing utensils in Dačice date back to 1940, when one of the founders, a leather goods manufacturer, established a new workshop in what was then Telečská Street, which, among other things, produced fountain pens.


New marker development always begins in the design department and the physical/chemical laboratory. While the task of the design department is to create a design for plastic parts using 3D modelling programmes, the laboratory is entrusted with testing the writing properties.

Social Responsibility

It is taken for granted that companies do not exist in a vacuum, but rather are surrounded by certain environments and stakeholders (interest groups), by which they are more or less influenced.

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